Information on Ranks in OEM

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Information on Ranks in OEM

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Oblivione Ex Machina: Factions

Pacifist Corps:

> Pacifist Corps (a.k.a. Pacifisterrorists) <
[Eliminate those who stir up unrest.]

A majority of the Pacifisterrorists believe themselves to be the only true “heroes” in OEM’s conflict. Their mission: keep the peace on Alternia, even if it means taking out anyone who dares to threaten it. Their end goal: have the entire Empire under their control and rule it fairly. Not every member is aware of the flawed logic of their organization. All that are aware find ways to justify it to themselves.

Their leader is a cherub named Demetris, and she manipulates her subordinates through kind words and promises of a better tomorrow.

> Relations <

Unlike the Imperial Guard (who do similar things for a different reason), the PC’s actions are not endorsed or appreciated by the ruling class, so anyone loyal to the Alternian government will see them as a threat, and vice versa. The PC’s ultimate goal is to have a world without violence, but to get there, they’ll probably want to overthrow the Empress.

The PC don’t like the Warmblood Rebellion one bit; they cause more public chaos than any other group due to their bold ambitions and blatant threat to those in power, making them a huge problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Some Pacifisterrorists, however, feel that they agree with the Rebellion’s motives and viewpoints. They might covertly help them on the side or refuse to fight them if ordered.

The Agents of Chaos are (obviously) the PC’s arch-nemeses. These two groups are constantly trying to wipe each other out, but not only because they have opposing goals; their enigmatic leaders (both malevolent cherubs, but this is not common knowledge even among higher-ranking members) have a shared “interest” in each other’s territories, which just so happen to overlap in Alternia and a large number of its colonies. Their methods of conquest are just… slightly different.

Surprisingly, proponents of the Jadebloods Against Opression movement are on cautiously neutral terms with the PC. Their goals aren’t exactly parallel, but they can both work together to achieve what they want. If the jadebloods start using more attention-grabbing methods of doing what they do, though, their tentative truce will definitely be in jeopardy.

The PC does not view neutral trolls as enemies. As long as they stay out of their way, they have nothing to fear from them — except what might happen if they win.

Most members of the PC have no knowledge of the traitors in the Palace who plot to eliminate the fuchsia caste and take the throne for themselves. The ones that know are mostly spies and high-ranking officials, and they don’t see any point in exposing them, since doing so would only lead to more political and public unrest. They hope to form an alliance with them, as it’s easier to make a friend than kill an enemy.

(More to be added as factions are thought up.)

First in Command - [2/1] Saikat Ailuna, Demetris
Second in Command - [1/1] Kirune Aithne

Footsoldiers - [0/∞]

Head of Initiation - [0/1]

Head of Interrogation - [0/3]

Agents of Chaos:

> Agents of Chaos <
[Let the galaxy know the meaning of true fear.]

Agents of Chaos tend to be bitter trolls or members of conquered races (fanspecies welcome!) who have just about had it with reality’s bullshit. They want to make a change, for better or worse, and they’ve found a group of people who want to do the same. Of course, literally none of them know they’re just being led on. Some have moral values that tell them what they’re doing is wrong, but they’re mostly too afraid of their more well-known fellow Agents to betray their faction. Not all Agents do what they do of their own free will. Their end goal: make Alternia fall apart. Their leader’s end goal: well… let’s just not start.

Their leader is a cherub named Claribel, and unlike Demetris, she uses negative emotions such as fear and anger to manipulate her faction. (Note: due to slightly different circumstances regarding her upbringing, Clari might be a little different than some of you may remember.)

> Relations <

The AoC, by definition, don’t like anyone. They show no mercy to outsiders regardless of loyalty (or lack thereof). Even in the company of other Agents, members of this faction tend to be a bit hesitant to trust anyone at all. There’s a lot of infighting, and there’d be a lot more if not for the constant threat of their leader fucking them up. Exceptions include members who only join for their own self-preservation and those who have spied on other groups long enough to start sympathizing with them.


The Empire:

> The Empire <
[Rid Alternia of any threat to the ruling class.]

These are the trolls who are just doing their jobs. This faction will most likely be the biggest, as a majority of trolls will see the Empire as the safest thing to side with in a time of great turmoil. That being said, a lot of trolls on this side might be likely to defect to others. Think of this as the default option. Sub-groups include the army, the elite Imperial Guard, the court, the low-ranking everyday workers (including servants), the law enforcement, and the lesser rulers who control parts of Alternia. You’re welcome to make up more.

They follow the Empress, Chalca Algene (a.k.a. Stilljaw the Surveyor), who, in turn, is really only an unwilling figurehead for the cunning members of her court. When nobody’s watching, she doubles as the Moralist, a hemoanonymous peaceful rebel whom very few have ever actually seen.

> Relations <

Most other factions in OEM’s plotline are a threat to the Empire in some way. Trolls who are disloyal to the Empire will be seen as threats, except for the neutral trolls who have never disobeyed any of their laws. Currently, their main concern is the Warmblood Rebellion, whose goal is to destroy the hemospectrum and all their oppressors. They don’t know about the inside traitors yet.

- The Imperial Court

+ Advisor [0/1]
+ Head of Imperial Defense [0/1]
+ Head of Civilian Surveillance [0/1]
× Civilian Surveillance Team
• Groundworkers [0/∞]
• Tech Workers [0/5]

- The Imperial Army

+ Empress' Bodyguard [0/1]
+ Palace Security [0/4]
+ Civilian Patrol [0/12]
+ Footsoldiers [0/∞]
+ Tech Workers [0/4]
+ Territory Monitors [0/3]

- Subjuggulators [0/∞]

- Civilians [0/∞]

The Warmblood Rebellion:

> The Warmblood Rebellion <
[Change doesn’t come on its own. Make it happen.]

This faction is similar to the Summoner’s Rebellion in canon. Most rebels who ally themselves with it are freed/runaway slaves or other former low-ranking workers who are sick of being at the bottom. There’s also the occasional mutant survivor, although there are many more of those with the Jadebloods Against Oppression movement (since one of the things they do is saving rejected grubs from culling).

They don’t have an official leader, but they seem to follow an oliveblooded ex-gladiator named Keplin Abrazo. She’s a good motivational speaker, but she’s got a bit of a temper on her.

> Relations <

The WR has mixed feelings about the PC. On the one hand, both their goals involve deposing the Empress; on the other hand, they know the PC aren’t exactly their biggest fans, since they tend to be very publicly violent. Most of them are willing to work with each other against a common enemy, but they don’t trust each other at all.

They don’t know whether or not to view the AoC as significant threats, even though the AoC view them as enemies. Their methods of doing things are similar enough that the two groups are often mistaken for each other, and they both seem to be accomplishing the same thing in terms of effect on the public. The main difference is that the WR wants to change the government by force, whereas the AoC just want it destroyed. That, and the WR are far more lenient towards neutral trolls.

They’re on very friendly terms with the JAO, since their goals don’t conflict at all. In fact, the only reason they’re considered separate from each other is their different ways of organization and making a statement. Some WR trolls don’t like the JAO movement’s relatively passive protests, and the JAO leader thinks the WR is just asking to get killed brutally by the Empire (what with the spies and all that), but they collaborate on a lot of things and mostly genuinely hope they both get their way.

Need I even say it? Trolls loyal to the Empire are their arch-nemeses and will usually be killed on sight (and definitely vice versa).

They have vague knowledge of the traitors who plan to overthrow the Empress from the inside. They don’t like them, since under their rule, they’d be just as oppressed as they are under the current ruler. There’s more of them than there are in the Empress’ inner circle, too, making them high priority on the WR’s hit list (since it’d be even harder to kill them if they ascended to power).


Jadebloods Against Oppression:

> The Jadebloods Against Oppression <
[Free the mutants and those who are trapped in the Caverns.]

This faction’s MO is to allow jadebloods and mutants to live the way they please. They go from cavern to cavern, freeing grubs who would have otherwise been culled and neutralizing anyone who stands in their way. Usually, they work together with the WR due to their similar ideals and goals. Most members of this faction are, well, jadebloods, but mutants are only a slight minority. They want the government to see that they’re capable of doing other things.

Their leader (surprisingly not a jadeblood) is a mutant named Sahaja Rubenk. She’s a big reason why the JAO aren’t completely integrated with the WR, as her fear prevents her from making even half as big a scene.

> Relations <

The only other faction the JAO trust completely is the WR. All other factions (including the PC, with whom they currently have a truce) are usually seen as major threats at worst and untrustworthy at best. They’d like whoever ends up in power to grant their wishes.



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